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Phil has done it all in the music industry! he is an awesome music teacher and person, his knowledge in the music field is second to none! - Q Thomas

Video Clips

Mandolin at Stokers NSW Australia

Me with Lily White on Harp



My Daughter Rebekah Jensen with me at Stokers Siding NSW Australia


An Eizenberg / Canny original

The Ferrets were an Australian pop / rock band from Melbourne and Sydney, which formed in 1975 and disbanded in 1979. Their single, “Don’t Fall in Love”, was released in 1977 and peaked at No.1 on the Australian Singles Charts

Manager Ian “Molly” Meldrum and record company Mushroom Records .

Philip Eizenberg (guitar), Kenneth Firth (bass guitar, backing vocals), William “Billy” Miller (vocals, guitar) and David Springfield (guitar, backing vocals) with drummer Rick Brewer plus Bill’s sisters, Pam and Jane Miller, formed the Ferrets.

Be Cool Be Smart

The Mighty Guys in the 1980’s released their first album for Glenn A. Baker called: Rockin’All Thru The Night. With over 40,000 sales the band received a cult following from authentic rock ‘n’roll enthusiasts. Two more albums followed on Rivet label-Festival: Be Cool Be Smart and The Rest of the Mighty Guys.

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15 Mins of Fame

First Friday of every month

Where: Stoker's Siding Hall

Time: 7pm to 10pm, with the first act going on at 7.30

Entry: $12


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